1. If you were to look up the word “internet buzz” in the dictionary (and if this dictionary updated in real time), there’s simply no way there wouldn’t be a picture of bedroom pop singer Julia Holter. Ever since "In the Morning" got Best New Track from Pitchfork and her LP Ekstasis got Best New Music,

  2. pitchfork:

    Led by singer-songwriter Sam Beam, Iron & Wine make their most ambitious album to date with Kiss Each Other Clean. Read the review by Joe Tangari.

    For more on Beam and the lush new album, check out Amanda Petrusich’s in-depth feature.

  3. Pitchfork ironically announces offline festival online

    Well-known critics and users of terminology such as ‘rapegaze’ Pitchfork have announced #Offline, a three-day festival in New York City that doubles as having some pretty decent music and being a giant middle-finger to the CMJ Music Marathon. The festival coincides with the three biggest days of CMJ, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and the popular opinion is that Pitchfork is trying to make a statement about something other than the latest glo-fi noise fad/Kings Of Leon flop.

    CMJ has long been a destination, like SXSW, functioning as a milestone for bands to come of age and gain major attention. Even last year acts like The XX and Mumford and Sons emerged from the week-long clusterf*ck as front-runners for cheers and deals (and some for good reason). This year’s lineup may hold a bunch of sleeper zingers, but for a major media outlet like Pitchfork to flat out ignore New York’s (current) largest and most complicated new music machine is not a coincidence. It’s part of a larger idea that CMJ is no longer worth partnering with, and the festival is too big for it’s ever-shrinking college radio chart business to justify or sustain. But this dialog has been happening for years… 

    Read the rest of our feature here: http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/10-15-2010/pitchforkironicallyannouncesofflinefestivalonline

  4. Feature: do we really need another Pitchfork retrospective Best Of List - http://www.baeblemusic.com/featuredarticle/do-we-really-need-another-pitchfork-retrospective

    Why does one of the driving forces of forward-thinking music criticism insist on frequently dwelling in the past? The self-proclaimed source for rising music often finds itself knee-deep in decades long past, categorizing and ordering songs according to the whims of the editors. But why? And should we be paying attention? Let’s take a moment to talk about it now, so I don’t have to talk about it anymore.

    First, a gut reaction: “The ‘Fork loves to force their overlord editorial on other perfectly fine decades, stiffing our desire for innovation by trying to further categorize the things we already know and love” (is one way of putting it). But this view (which many hold, unreasonably) does not take into account the work or the reasoning behind their efforts, or the other negative effects of taking opinions things too seriously.

  5. solved: which pavement member doesn’t dig pitchfork

    Vanity Fair seems to have figured out which Pavement member’s objections  stopped the band’s headlining set at last weekend’s Pitchfork festival from being included in the live video stream. Their dedicated sleuthing has turned up some feud-worthy dirt from Pitchfork’s reviews of Scott Kannberg’s (aka Spiral Stairs’) post-Pavement project Preston School of Industry. Click here to read more.

  6. t.g.i. mixtape 68 curated by tyler grisham of pitchfork

    This week we pay tribute to the Pitchfork Music Festival— happening right now in Chicago— with a mixtape populated with bands playing this weekend’s sun soaked festivities, curated by Pitchfork editor Tyler Grisham…Click here to hear the tunes. PLUS, you can embed the mp3 player!

  7. preview: 2010 pitchfork music festival

    On paper, many big music festivals sound as appetizing as a slice of cool watermelon on a sweltering summer afternoon. That is until one exchanges three hundred dollars for the chance to try and navigate a dizzying tangle of people, bands, and stages, all spread across intense acres of festival grounds. Oh, and that watermelon? It costs 8 bucks.

    Interestingly enough, it’s the folks at Pitchfork who sought out to offer a very different sort of experience when they began curating their own festival back in the mid aughts…Click here for this weekend’s line-up.

    HEADS UP: Later this week we’ll also be bringing you a special edition of our T.G.I.Mixtape, curated by none other than the festival organizers. STAY TUNED!

  8. arcade fire single found in glasgow record store

    THE UK - Hipsters let out a collective groan of unenthused ennui today, when this momentous event was preached from P4K’s pulpit. Chris Ward (of Sub City radio in Scotland) wrote the folks at Pitchfork to alert them to the existence of the above pictured record, seemingly simple and unmarked, in a record store in Glasgow…

  9. roots in studio with dirty projectors

    ZOMG. The Roots  have teamed up with The Dirty Projectors in studio to finish How I Got Over and there is a video to prove it… sometimes Pitchfork makes me sooo happy!* They also put up the tracklist.

  10. new music video: holy f-ck - http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/4-30-2010/newmusicvideo:holyfck

    Canada’s hardest hitting electro-rock outfit piece together a kaleidoscope of tour footage for the visuals to their video for “Latin America”. Holy F*ck will release their forthcoming album Latin May 11th via Young Turks/XL.

  11. feature: summer festivals 2010 - http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/4-14-2010/feature:summerfestivals2010

    Ah, summer. A time when consuming alcohol in public parks seems appropriate, and almost necessary. A time, coincidentally, for sunglasses, to hide drunkenness. A time for less clothing. And most of all, a time for the best place to strip naked, get drunk, and wear sunglasses: music festival. That’s right ninjas, it’s festival season. Check out our list of essential summer festivals, complete with quick details on the big bands, timetables, and more!* Click through to the fests website if you want more info/want to know if you can get a hotel or have to wear the same clothes for three days. No advice on controlled substances, except that you might need them. Good luck!

  12. a thing for drunk girls - http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/3-26-2010/a-thing-for-drunk-girls

    So, LCD System has a thing for the drunk girls, eh? That’s what the first snippet to leak from James Murphy’s still untitled, new album (due out May 18th via DFA/Virgin) suggests. It’s titled “Drunk Girls”, of course, and packs the kind of bop all the kids look to Mr. Murphy to provide. It’s slightly less clubby than I remember LCD, though certainly gleams with enough disco glitz to set the bod into motion.


  13. mp3: titus andronicus “four score and seven” - http://www.baeblemusic.com/musicblog/12-15-2009/mp3:titusandronicusfourscoreandseven

    Cool historical things are a great jumping point for music and stuff (especially for nerds like us), so naturally New Jersey screamers Titus Andronicus have hit on something (our excitement) with The Monitor. Its a concept album loosely based on the Civil War, with guest voice-overs from people playing period characters? We’re sold. GET OUT YOUR MUSKETS!

  14. http://www.baeblemusic.com/featuredarticle/sobering-up-when-the-hype-is-gone

    Black Kids were a pretty hyped up band from Jacksonville, Florida who got a major record deal, thanks to hype, and then got kind of forgotten, thanks to Pitchfork. This is their story.